Another Tale? (Cadaver)

Julie just finished her episode on Blue Exorcist. She insisted it as the best anime ever! gif She looked at her anime posters. She smiled… and fell asleep. In Julie’s dream. She found a familiar toy. She wondered out loud,”Do I know you?”. No respond. She covered her mouth,”Oopsie,” She muffled. The toy blinked. Julie started to rub her eyes,”Huh?…”.

The toy blinked one time, two, three! Julie stepped back and hit some furniture in her room. The toy was right next to her on the table. She let out her hand…


“OUCH!” Julie shouted. The toy suddenly went to go get a bandage to smear on her finger. He sat there, ashamed.

large (3) It hurt Julie’s finger so much, she started to cry. “Sorry,” The toy finally said. Julie wiped her tears away from her eyes. tumblr_inline_mg63nfCldI1qdlkyg The toy turned into a human being. He jumped from the window with a smile and whispered,”I love you,”

Julie looked down at the window to see where he went… He disappeared.


The END!


My Home Life (Cadaver)

Hello Graalians!



I got so bored… I wanted to tell you another nonfiction story;

I sat on the couch, reading a book. Someone smacked their foot with my leg. I looked up, annoyed.



It was my cousin, Dalen, he’s 16 years old.


“What do you want?” I asked, annoyed. “Move, Grandpa’s sitting there.” He replied. I rolled my eyes and got up. I sat on a chair. T.Y, 17 year old, got out of his room and went to the kitchen. I suddenly let out a sigh. When will my life be normal without these freaks? My uncle says they’re gonna stay here forever. But I’m already in my… Lady’s STUFF! No one shows respect to me, cause I’m lazy, stubborn, and insane. Well, fuck you guys. t(-_-t)

I went to my room and stuffed my book in my backpack. I flopped on my bed like a fish. I started to cry in my pillow. Sad and mad thoughts went into my head. I was suddenly… Asleep…

28550670 ORC7AfNELiTVTdpvC5v-yLPcFX4tumblr_inline_mwmgy0dtCT1qid2nw

When I woke up, I smelled food in the air. It smelled good and bad. I went to the kitchen, still rubbing the sleep on my eyes. I found my other cousin, Mook, cooking. I made a weird sound out of my mouth. A VOMIT noise.


I guess I hate my cousins a lot.

They’ve stayed for like… 2 years.

Thank you for reading!

– Cadaver

My Life At School (Cadaver)

Hey, Graalians!



I want to tell you about my school life.

You:”Yeah, you’re a popular girl, you have some shitty friends, they’re drama quueeeeennnzzz…”



WRONG!!! Here’s my LIFE(Story):

About a year ago, I hanged out with my cousin and his friend, (Hmm.. Can’t use his real name, but we’ll just call him…) Danny. They were both funny athletes.

One day, they started to run away from me, hide from me. I didn’t understand why at first. But suddenly, when they started laughing… I realized it,”They hate me! Huh! They don’t want me to hang with them!”

Tears started to spill slowly. I was suddenly running to the Girl’s Restroom. Anna and Laney(HIDING THEIR TRUE IDENTITY) noticed me running like a cheetah with water spilling from my face. They decided to check it out. I was crying in the stall(LIKE every girl does, hah!). I heard footsteps. I knew it was them, Anna and Laney. I was trying to stop crying, but I wouldn’t shut up.

I didn’t want to be embarrassed! That’s when they started asking questions… Like:

“Are you okay, Cadaver?”, “What happened?”, “Was Aladin and Danny being mean to you?”.

I couldn’t answer. I was still crying my ass off. I got out of the stall as soon as they left. I sat right next to the Girl’s Restroom. Trying to calm down. My nose was stuffy, my eyes were smeared with tears, my lips were trembling. I couldn’t believe it, I never cried like this at school. A lot of students looked at me. No one asked if I was okay.

Anna and Laney went back to me. They asked if I wanted to hang out, and I said yes!

I didn’t want to be lonely. But it turned out, I was wrong. Anna and Laney never showed attention to me, they were polite, smart, and funny. But I was like their small shadow. I was a short kid.

After that, I started to read near the Girl’s Restroom instead of hanging out with them. They asked why I wasn’t hanging out with them. I had to think of an EXCUSE. So I just said,” My mom says I need to lose weight. ” 


Anna and Laney looked at me if I was going NUTS. Luckily, they played along well, just like how I planned(NOT!).

When my mom bought me a dairy. I started to write in it instead of reading. I have like… 267 pages written.


I haven’t hanged out with them since then. Someone took my place… Allie. She is from China. She also has a little sister that goes to the school, she’s chinese, too.

I wasn’t mad, of course I wasn’t. I just got jealous. I did miss hanging out with them(NOT). I did. They just… Never gave me the spotlight. I was in that super dark corner. No one could see me or hear me, I was like a ghost.

Until a few months later…. Mandy and Ash started to hang out with Anna and Laney. It made Anna — The super funny tomboy(10% tomboy) — turn into a weird funny girly-girl. Ever since they started to hang, they both wore flats. I’m not sure about it because I wasn’t there.

But I blame Mandy for changing Anna. Laney was just the same, but a bit little dramatic.



That’s basically it… Thank you for listening. 🙂

– Cadaver

Finally! (Cadaver)

Oh my god! Guess what? It’s finally here!



Here it is! 

Mash up:

Techniis head       +     Lucys head    =




Please give credit. If anyone asks you where you got it from, pm them this website!;


Thank you!



– Cadaver

Preview! (Cadaver)

Bruh, bruh, bruh, bruh, bruh, bruh, bruh, bruh, bruh!

Finally! A head! I am making a head!!! Exciting right? It’s just a edit, though. t(TuT||t)

Who cares? It’s still a HEAD! Wanna see it? Yeah? Good!



PREVIEW anime1PREVIEW anime2PREVIEW anime3



Thank you! :3 Please do give support!!!

– Cadaver…